Centre Against Sexual Violence (CASV) Inc. recognises that:

  • Sexual violence includes a range of unwanted behaviours including touching, sexual harassment and intimidation, coerced sexual activity, sexual assault and rape, and can include other physical and emotional violence.
  • Sexual violence is about power acted out in a sexual way, and is a crime of violence which has harmful individual, social and economic costs to our community.
  • The structural, economic, political and cultural values of our society give power to men, making women and children more likely to be victims of sexual violence.
  • No one ever deserves to be sexually violated.
  • Responsibility for sexual assault lies with the perpetrator and not with the victim, irrespective of the perpetrator's age, gender, social status, cultural background, or other circumstances surrounding the assault.

Centre Against Sexual Violence (CASV) Inc. believes that victims/survivors have the right to:

  • Be believed
  • Be heard and supported
  • Be treated with respect, dignity and understanding
  • Communicate in their own language, with an interpreter if necessary
  • Be given information about options
  • Have control over their choices
  • Have their confidentiality and privacy maintained