The Centre's School Outreach Program consists of three major components:

  1. Confidential on-site individual counselling is provided to young women at school who have experienced sexual assault/abuse. Contact is usually made by the School Based Youth Health Nurse who acts as a third party to organise the initial appointment and introduction.
  2. Community Education sessions covers topics such as Health Relationships, Ethical Sexual decisions making, sexual assault/abuse, sexual consent and safer partying. Schools and community groups are welcome to request community education sessions.
  3. Liaison with key school personnel on how best to respond to survivors of sexual assault of abuse. Education packages can be delivered to other community groups on request and availability of resources.

Following is feedback from young people who have attended our community education sessions:

  • "This lesson was very helpful and has made me think about the whole dating thing and how safe I am, or at least how careful I need to be. It was good."
  • "This lesson was very helpful and a fun way to discuss important issues."
  • "It was really good to have someone to talk to. Not someone who just stated the facts and that's it. It was interesting."
  • "It was very helpful that it made me realise that sexual harassment is very common."
  • "It was great! Girls need more of these programs!"
  • "Informative. Appreciative of the non-judgmental attitude. Appreciative of the up front and frank attitude."