• Free confidential counselling to all women, and young women 12 years and over who have experienced recent, past and/or childhood sexual assault.
  • Counselling is provided by tertiary qualified trauma-informed specialists.
  • Counsellors will work with you at your pace to explore your individual counselling needs. You do not have to talk about anything that you are not comfortable or ready to discuss.
  • You can self-refer to counselling at CASV via our contacts page.
  • You can find out more about your rights, privacy and confidentiality as a client of CASV.

Group Work

A number of groups are held throughout the year by experienced facilitators. Visit CASV’s Facebook page to find out what’s on.

Education and Training

Information, education and resources are provided to the community.

School Outreach Program

Some availability for outreach counselling and educational workshops in high schools.

Information & Referral

  • Information and referral about the legal process, health and medical issues.
  • Information for friends and family of women and young women who have been sexually assaulted.
  • Information and support to other service providers.
  • Information and support to access the National Redress Scheme.